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IMPACT - Summer 2023

Our IMPACT section highlights a client who has come a long way from when they first joined My Support Worker. This can be both because of what the service has done but also the hard work they have put in to achieving their targets.


In his own words:

I have been a service-User of My Support since August 2020 and it is a good company to be with. It has great staff who are always ready to help me, my team is great and I am assisted well by everyone. The carers that come to me are always caring, supportive, funny, and understanding. My team supports me to be more independent. Also, I get on well with all the managers from My Support. I can see or speak to Sue M or Dani whenever I need to, they are always ready to help me. At times I can become anxious and sad but staff always help me to understand my feelings. They cheer me up with their sense of humour and I have a good laugh. All the staff at My Support have helped me through difficult times, especially when I felt I needed to be independent which was very hard for me. I am now enjoying my independence, and this has only been possible as I got help from all the staff at My Support to make this happen. Sue, my Senior, has been my rock. My team has also helped me with my diet and my allergies are now no longer a problem apart from dairy and nuts. My dietitian has given me a good diet information sheet and staff take me shopping and explain to me my healthy options. I am getting to know what I like to eat. I feel free. I can’t believe I’m the Impact winner for the newsletter this time. I'm shocked. I feel so happy and proud of my progress. Thankyou My Support!

From the Managers:

Anthony is well deserving of the Impact Award. The steps he has made towards his outcome of being more independent have been numerous and wide-ranging. He is doing more activities and visiting places of interest, his diet has become much healthier, and his confidence is increasing exponentially. The last meeting that I had with Anthony we spoke about the changes he had made and he told me “I feel free”. Both Anthony and his team that supports him are to be commended for their incredible efforts over the last few years, the whole team at My Support Worker is very proud.

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