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Our Services

Third Party Arrangement

We are a Third Party Management service who provide support in recruiting and managing teams of personal assistants.  We will work with and support you to arrange the support you need to meet your assessed needs. We will manage all the financial aspects of your personal budget and work together with your network of support to keep you safe and well at home.

You may have a Third-Party Arrangement because you do not want to take the responsibility of employing your own Personal Assistants (PAs) but you still want to retain some choice and control. We open a client account in your name to receive funding from your Health Authority or Local Authority or sometimes from both and we employ your PAs but you help make the decisions about who works for you and what they do.

(My Support is the legal employer of your PAs)

We support with recruitment, training, other aspects of employment and anything else you may need to manage your budget effectively. We help you live the life you want and achieve the outcomes that are important to you. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and are a fully regulated service. 

Bespoke Packages to Suit You 

We can provide you with our complete management package, or we can provide a tailored selection of our services to best suit your needs. See the box below for what we can offer.

What we do:

Consultancy Service

As a leading Third Party Management Service with managers who have over 30 years of experience of CQC standards, we can provide other Care businesses in the UK expert advice and support in all areas of care. 

  •  Are you a new or struggling Third Party Management Service?

  • Are you due a CQC inspection and want to be fully prepared?

  • Do you need support in writing policies or quality monitoring procedures and practices?

  • Are you looking for an alternative to an expensive franchise service?

If you answered yes to any of the above then ease contact us now to see how we can support your business. 

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