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Get Winter Ready

We are required by the government to produce contingency plans which consider how care and support will be provided to those who are the most vulnerable living in the community.

If you are a client, you will have already had your Winter Pressures letter from us detailing those plans and the risk to and impact on you if we need to activate those plans.  

We always aim for any disruption to your service to be as short and minimal as possible but need to have these plans in place to ensure that clients that have no natural support are prioritized in the event of an emergency.

Get winter ready – Clients

  • Where possible have at least one hot meal a day especially with vegetables which hold nutritional value which will nourish the body

  • Drink warm drinks

  • Draft proof around windows, external doors and letterboxes

  • Consider the layout of the room you spend the most time in, are the radiators exposed or is there furniture blocking them? Consider discussing this with your staff to maximise heat generation from the radiator.

  • Consider using a small room which will retain more heat

  • Close the doors of unused rooms

  • Keep moving. If you struggle with mobility, perhaps wiggle their fingers and toes, this helps prevent blood clots.

Items to wear/use

  • Layers

  • Long johns or layer up on tights

  • Fleece or wool pyjamas

  • Fingerless gloves

  • Wear a hat inside

  • Higher tog duvet

  • Flannel sheets/fleece bedding

·         Get Flu and Covid booster injections

Get winter ready - Staff

As well as using the above advice for your own home and your client’s home, you should also:

·         Leave extra time for journeys

·         Check tyre pressure and oil level in vehicle

·         Inspect all lights on the vehicle

·         Get Flu and Covid booster injections

Stay safe this winter everyone.







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