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Company Environmental Susatainability

Environmental Sustainability Policy

As a company we are committed to focusing on trying to develop best practice in environmental issues to ensure environmental sustainability. We have a vision of becoming a ‘paperless’ company where notes and MARs charts are recorded digitally on an app. Our operations manager, Guy, is currently undertaking a piece of work as part of the Digital Social Care Record Fund, that may mean we have a new and more modern version of CarePlanner. This will enable us to provide ‘real time’ information recording about the care and support people receive and allow us to be more responsive to the changing needs of our service users. More information on that to come in a future edition of the newsletter.

Recycling Tips

The more you recycle, the better it is for the environment and the better it is for our pockets. Even if you do recycle your waste, there’s probably still more items that you can recycle or reuse than you realise. Follow the tips below:

1) Have a system: have a recycling bag, box or bin next to your rubbish bin as a reminder for everyone to recycle perhaps with a sign o note reminding people to recycle.

2) Flatten cardboard boxes: you can fit more into your recycling bin or box that way.

3) Recycle plastic bottles: don’t forget items like shampoo and mouthwash bottles. Most councils will accept most types of plastic in recycling, though if in doubt, the label on the bottle should tell you it’s recyclable.

4) Recycle all paper and cardboard: newspapers, envelopes, wrapping paper, birthday cards (no glitter) and books can all be recycled. All types of cardboard can be recycled, so don’t forget the toilet roll tubes and drinks cartons.

5) Most metals can be recycled: items like aerosols and kitchen foil can be recycled, as well as your tins and cans.

6) Keep a carrier bag in the hallway: this way, you can collect any junk mail and put it in the recycling.

7) If you aren’t sure what you can recycle, look it up: check your local council’s website for advice and information on what you can and can’t recycle.

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