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A Sober Reminder

It’s getting to that time of year again when the nights are drawing in and it is getting colder and according to, 61% of people consume more alcohol over the autumn/winter period. Not only should you not consume alcohol while at work, you may not know that you could still be under the influence from the night before.

Even a small amount of alcohol in the system has the potential for you to act differently: reactions may become slower, co-ordination reduced and judgement impaired.

Follow these three tips to make sure you are keeping your client and yourself safe over this coming winter and festive period:

Tip 1. You must not have any alcohol in their system while supporting someone or driving. See the table below for

how long alcohol can stay in your system, though this can vary based on age, biological sex, food, body size and if you are on any medications.

Based on this table, if you were to drink four pints of beer finishing at midnight, you’d have to wait 10 hours (+1 hour) until you could support someone or drive, meaning you wouldn’t be able to drive or work until 11am the following morning. If you do drink and drive, you can face a prison sentence, a driving ban and unlimited fine.

Remember: The police can stop a driver for a breath test at any time.

Tip 2. Report to management if you have reason to believe a colleague is under the influence of alcohol. If you are aware of a colleague under the influence but fail to inform management this could bring disciplinary action upon yourself.

Tip 3. It is very clear in your contract about the consumption of alcohol, on page 8 under ‘Section 11: General Rules’, it states: ‘The use or purchase of alcohol or other substances is not allowed under any circumstances during working hours. You must not use alcohol or substances the day before your shift if this is going to impact your ability to drive or carry out your duties.’ This is a disciplinary offence if you ignore this requirement.

Enjoy responsibly.

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